French Drupal 6 ready to install

As we found many webmasters having issues when trying to install the Drupalfrench version, Chipway maintains a Drupal 6.19 core package with french translations, which make installation much easier (ex; for Mac OS users).

To install Drupal 6 in french, just

  • Download the Drupal 6 french package - ready to install.
  • Uncompress the package on your server (or on your desktop, then upload it on your server).
  • Begin installation by going to Follow the wizzard.
  • Select french language.
  • Setup your Database user and password.
  • Your site is setup and ready to run. Add your information, modules, themes, configuration and contents. You're on the road


NB: Take care (backup, ...) and do only what you understand. Use at your own risks.

Check the Drupal Installation Guide

For questions or issues you may contact-us.